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Jodi Johnson

Jodi Johnson – lives in Santa Monica with her daughter Taylor (17) and their dog Ella.

Describe your style

– Comfortable luxury. A ripped up pair of jeans, cashmere, leather, fur, an incredible bag, and a hat of course!

What’s your ideal job?

– Other than decorating houses, I’d love to own & curate a lifestyle boutique filled with art, books, fashion and unique finds I would gather while traveling the globe.

Define success

– Being true to myself, not repeating mistakes. Doing what I love and loving what I do.

Being a beautiful woman, how do you feel about aging? Do you struggle with it? Embrace it? Or both?

– Depends on the time of the month, LOL!!! Seriously, growing old gracefully, but not going down without a fight.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

– Empower yourself through education, don’t allow yourself to be defined by a man and beauty comes from the inside.

You’re very close with your daughter…what’s your parenting philosophy?

– The same advise I would give to my younger self + being kind to herself and others.

Hardest part of parenting?

– Allowing my daughter to learn from her own mistakes.

What are your vices?

– Late night snacking, leaving crumbs in the bed.

What makes you laugh?

– Funny voices, impersonations and Ella, my dog.

Your best trait?

– A self-deprecating sense of humor & my ability to laugh at myself

Your worst?

– Controlling!

Do you have any rituals?

– Hot yoga in the mornings, hot bath at night.

How did you discover Heist?

– Walking on Abbot Kinney years ago…once I walked through the doors of the once little boutique, I never left.

Best feeling in the world?

– Love

Worst feeling in the world?

– Love